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  • 17th September 18th September

    Orange pig meeting in The Netherlands

    The Netherlans
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  • 12th September 13th September

    China International Meat Conference 2013 ( CIMC)

    Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing

            China Chamber of Commerce For Import and Export of Foodstuffs Native Produce and Animal By-Products(CFNA) is under the Ministry of Commerce of China. It is the only China national association to promote agricultural products international trade. It has more than 6000 member companies, among which 700 are in the meat processing and trading business. The trade volume of its member company’s accounts for 90% of the nation’s total. To promote international meat trade and to strengthen the communication between foreign and domestic meat industry, CFNA is going to hold the China International Meat Conference (CIMC) in Beijing on 12-13 Sep. 2013 CIMC will be held yearly, and choose main city of meat trade, it has been successfully held for three sessions, and was widely recognized and supported in the meat industry.The conference will focus on not only on topics of trade environment,meat trade trend,domestic meat consumption, sales channels,government policy, food safety, financing problem, but also has matchmaking between foreign suppliers and importers, export companies and foreign importers, importers and retailers, supermarket, domestic meat suppliers and domestic group purchaser. We are sure that delegates will find it fruitful, and will gain a package of solutions to theproblems they met in business.

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  • 18th May 20th May

    The 11th (2013) China Animal Husbandry Expo

    Wuhan International Expo Center

         Name:China Animal Husbandry Expo 2013
         Date: 19-20,May 2013
         Venue: Wuhan International Exhibition Center

    STAND NO. BE 01- 06, HALL B1 (Enterprise Group)

    Orange Pig are proud to invite you to come visit Holland Pavilion at China Animal
    Husbandry Expo 2013 at Wuhan, China dated from 18-20, May. Our boothis located at BE01-06, Hall B1.

    We look forward to working with your business to help you achieve maximum growth and profitability.


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  • 17th May 17th May

    2013 the 4th China swine industry economy Summit Forum and the 2nd internal round table seminar of large-scale pig enterprises

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  • 14th November 17th November

    CAAA delegation to visit Netherlands

    The Netherlands

    From 14 till 17 November 2012 a 31 person delegation organised by CAAA will visit The Netherlands. They are invited by Orange Pig to get acquainted and inspired by the Dutch pork chain and meet up with the Orange Pig members. They will pay visits to learn on new housing systems, manure treatment on the pig farm, processing and destruction of animal carcasses and waste material into sustainable bio-fuels, slaughterhouse and waste water treatment systems, and on tracking and tracing of meat products. Important companies participating are amongst others CAHG, Muyuan, Kingpeng, Zhengbang Group and Anyou. CAAA is one of the partners of Orange Pig.

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