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  • 22th September

    VIV China 2012 Walk-In Presentations

    New China International Exhibition Center ROOM B
    Beijing China
    Morning: Orange Pig Year Meeting
    Afternoon 15:00-16:30: Feed and Feed additive import & export legislation

    by Mr. Ir. Frank Gort & Mrs. Wang Wei (王葳), Product Board Animal Feed (EN & CN)
    Presentation by MoA (tbc)
    Presentation by AQSIQ (tbc)
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  • 22th September

    Internal Orange Pig Year meeting

    Beijing China
    Orange Pig year plan 2013 (the detailed program will be followed).

    For Orange Pig Members only
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  • 21th September

    International Poultry Industry and Food Safety Seminar 2012

    Beijing KunTai Hotel
    Beijing China
    China's poultry industry faces severe challenges of food safety under the new situation of 2012
    Latest research areas, directions and trends of the poultry food quality and safety supervision system and poultry meat food safety in the United States, Europe and Brazil
    Feed health and safety, association between the reasonable use of feed additives and the downstream food safety
    Food safety hazards in the farming (breeding, farming management,use of the equipment and etc.)
    How to carry out effective disease prevention and control, and reduce drug residues
    How to guarantee the food safety during the processing of poultry meat
    How can the enterprises achieve technological breakthroughs in the cold chain transport link of poultry product
    How to build a poultry food safety tracebility system and risk management system.

    Roel W.A.W.Mulder - General Secretary of the World Poultry Association
    Wang Hongning - Vice Dean of Life Sciences College of Sichuan University
    Yao Minpu - Vice Chairman of Chia Tai(China) Investment Co. Ltd
    Fu Guangming - Chairman of Fujian Shenglong Development Co. Ltd
    Pei Huaqing - Senior Vice President of Yum! Brands Inc., China Division

    800 rmb/person
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