China Meat Association

China Meat Association (English name abbreviation is CMA) is approved and registered by the Ministry of Civil Administration of People's Republic of China. It is a nationwide social organization. The Headquarter is in Beijing.
CMA membership is made up of enterprises which include meat production, management, slaughtering, processing, cold storage, wholesales, and machinery etc. Other related scientific research, designing companies, news agencies, colleges, local social organizations which are from different industries & districts, and which have no ownership limitation and non-profit, but have legal qualification are also members of CMA. In total there are 600 members CMA is a director of IMS and member of IMS Executive Council.

  • Annegret Mundermann

    Mr. Li Shuilong

  • Andrew Young

    Mr. Deng Fujiang

    Deputy Executive President & Secretary General

China Meat Association

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