Hotraco Agri

Hotraco Agri is a trend setting manufacturer of ventilation, automation and management systems. Our expertise is in the designing and construction of controlled environmental systems in pig and poultry houses. Not only do these systems provide constant monitoring functions but they also automatically adjust themselves when required to do so. 
Hotraco has been building automatic systems since 1974, proving their value on many types of livestock farms. Our systems are used by professional producers of pig and poultry meats worldwide as well as egg producers, for both breeding and consumption. Each system with its own specialized software.
Hotraco gives your business that extra security. Our organisation has a strong reputation for reliability. Your local Hotraco dealer is always available for expert advice and technical support. All Hotraco dealers are carefully selected and trained to guarantee excellence.
You can always rely upon them for a first-line service. They have the spare-parts and know-how necessary for fast service.
Hotraco knows how important computerization is for your business!


  • Annegret Mundermann

    Frank Schreurs

    Vice President Sales
  • Andrew Young

    Zhenhu Shao

    General Manager

Hotraco Agri B.V.

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P.O. Box 6086, 5960 AB Horst,
The Netherlands 

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