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Nedap China Ltd. is the subsidiary of Nedap N.V. in China. Nedap N.V. is the first company of researching and developing, producing and applying the intelligentize sow’s group feeding management system. Nedap offers innovative and sustainable solutions for automation of the animal husbandry worldwide. In the past 40 years, the Velos system of Nedap researched and developmented independently, enables meat- and milk producers to use their limited resources in an effective way by automating vital processes such as feeding, milking and oestrus detection. By allowing individual animal management on large scale farms, higher production results per animal are achieved.
The equipments of  Velos apply for pig farm as below:
  • ESF - In view of pregnant sows. This system realization of  precise feeding and scientific management for individual sow in condition of sow’s group housing feeding by using the RFID technology, Velos ensures the feeding process is controllable and as such contributes directly to your profits! Velos have been researched base on sow’s behavior, takes care of the animal’s welfare.
  • Sorting - Specially applying in finisher’s group feeding, provide the specially applied in the finisher’s feeding, it can provide for you the records of individual sow’s weight grow, separate, and feeding.
  • Nedap PTS - Collect data on groups of pigs to decide which animal will be used to breed the next generation of pigs. Nedap PTS provides automatic measurements for pig growing performance, fully meet the requirement of pig performance testing central station and pig field determination.
Since registering at China in 2008, Nedap China Ltd.  Have more than 100 successful projects in China, such as Wenz, Yurun, TRS Group, Hunan Jiahe, Guangdong Nongken, Guangxi Nongken, Anhui Changfeng Longmu, Shangdong Luguangli, Henan Taiping Muye etc.  our company’s dealer and service network covering the whole country, more than 45 professional service team, they always provide professional, efficient, fast, attentive service for our customer.  Our vision is let our equipment can help our customers. 
In China’s evolutionary pork industry, Nedap Velos system is definitely enhancing pigs’ welfare, increase productivity of entire industry and improve livestock management level in China.

  • Gao Jian

    Business Development Manager China

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