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Pig Cough Monitor identifies respiratory disease early

Pig Cough Monitor identifies respiratory disease earlyHealthy pigs will perform better, leading to more consistent growth, end weight and greater profit. Fancom introduces the Pig Cough Monitor to help monitor the health of the animals.

With this system, sounds in the pig house are recorded and analyzed automatically. This way, farmers can find out quickly if there is a possible health risk. And they can take countermeasures faster. This makes the Fancom Pig Cough Monitor a valuable tool to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

Good for the pig’s health and good for the farmer’s profit.


Fancom expands its product group Controllers: Arteria, Aura, and apps for smartphone

Arteria total house controlFor farmers who want the best control o ver their farm buildings, Fancom already has a wide range of controllers. Next year, Fancom will introduce a few products to give even better access to our controllers. With the Fancom Arteria, you can access all controllers on a farm from one central location. Thanks to the connection to Fancom Farm Manager-software, it is also possible to connect remotely. And with the new Fancom Arteria app, it will be even easier to keep an eye on the farm., the new Fancom Aura will be a new, versatile but simple addition to the current line of touchscreen controllers. The Aura will also be available in 2015.

Together with the wide range of equipment, our controllers can help increase the profit of any farmer in the pig or poultry business.


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